Posted by: Stanlee Stahl | May 27, 2012

Remembering our Heroes

The grave of Stanley Goldblum

On May 28 1944, PFC Stanley Goldblum was killed in action in the battle of Rome. Stanley Goldblum was my uncle and I am named for him. My Uncle Stanley was in the 180th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division. He is buried at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery which is on the north edge of the town of Nettuno, Italy, which is immediately east of the Anzio beachhead. The Italian campaign was brutal and we lost many young men. Rome was liberated on June 4, 1944, seven days after my uncle Stanley was killed. May his memory be forever a blessing.

As we take time today to remember those men and women who have made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of our country, let us also remember the men and woman who protect our freedom today. May this Memorial Day find the members of our armed forces both here at home and around the world safe.

Go to the following link for more information about the Sicily- Rome American Cemetary:


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