Posted by: Stanlee Stahl | February 17, 2012

Meeting with an Author

On January 19, JFR Trustee Abby Crisses and her husband Andy, held a book signing at the Penn Club in Manhattan. The featured book, At the Edge of the Abyss: Concentration Camp Diary 1943-1944 was edited and introduced by Professor Robert Jan van Pelt. Professor van Pelt lectured on David Koker, the writer of the diary, and placed this work within the context of Holocaust history and historiography. The book signing presented those attending an opportunity for exposure to exceptional scholarship, and the chance to meet Professor van Pelt. In addition, the book signing was a wonderful occasion to spend time with our donors, who make the important work of the JFR possible. We so very much appreciate the generosity of our donors and the support of the scholars who participate in our teacher education programs. The book signing was truly a memorable event, and we hope to partake in more events just like it in the future. We thank Abby and Andy Crisses for sponsoring this event.


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