Posted by: Stanlee Stahl | June 28, 2011

Giving the Sonder Award, thanking Alfred Lerner

Each year, one participant of the Summer Institute receives the Sonder Award.  This award was founded by Johanna Stark and Kate Tarnofsky, two sisters who, as children, were able to leave Germany before WWII began.  The award is named for their grandfather Eduard Sonder, who they adored.  Eduard was not able to leave Germany, and the girls never saw their grandfather again – he was killed during the Holocaust. 

The award is a full scholarship to attend the program.  The recipient also recieves Teuscher chocolates, a reminder of the chocolates Eduard would bring his two granddaughters upon his return from business trips to Switzerland.  This year’s recipient of the Sonder Award was Terry Beasley from the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. 

Kate (left) and Joan, giving Terry (center) the Sonder Award

Kate and Joan presented Terry with the award, and made plans to keep in touch. 


Stanlee Stahl, Joan Stark, Terry Beasley, and Kate Tarnofsky

The JFR is able to make the Summer Institute happen in large part because of our donors.  Alfred Lerner was a wonderful donor, who contributed generously to the JFR’s education program, which is why we call each of our teacher participants Lerner Fellows.  In order to honor his memory, we take a picture each year in front of Alfred Lerner Hall, the building on Columbia University’s campus named for him. 



  1. A truly memorable seminar both for its content and its participants. Thank you JFR for making this opportunity available.

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