Posted by: Stanlee Stahl | September 3, 2010

Honoring the Righteous

Our group with U.S. Ambassador Lee Feinstein (center.)

JFR Executive Vice President Stanlee Stahl, US Ambassador Lee Feinstein, JFR Senior Program Associate Agnieszka Perzan, rescuer Lucyna Bauer and her husband.

Our Sunday afternoon in Warsaw was dedicated to the righteous rescuers in Warsaw.   The JFR hosted almost 44 rescuers and their guests, as well as Rabbi Michael Schudwich, chief Rabbi of Poland, U.S. Ambassador Lee Feinstein, and Israeli Ambassador Zvi Rav-Ner.  The luncheon was very successful; our teachers were able to connect with rescuers on a personal level.  A few teachers have already initiated efforts to “adopt” rescuers for their classes.  It is very important to bring the stories of these righteous people back to our classrooms in the United States so that their acts of incredible humility are not forgotten. 

Teacher Rosie Sansalone Alway with Jadwiga Sliwczynska, the wife of the rescuer Mr. Jerzy Sliwczynski, the former President of the Polish Society of the Righteous.

Teacher Nikki Allen with rescuer Leszek Klewicki, wife Bozena Klewicka, and grandson Tomasz Klewicki.


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